Dear Creepy Man

Dear Creepy Man.
Did you know you are not the first man to be creepy towards me, nor will you be the last.
I find it interesting you think that when you comment something creepy, or touch me WITHOUT permission and especially not knowing me, that you think I would find you attractive. 
You clearly feel it is your prerogative  to act as you please with no regard for me as a person. 
Well. This is a not so friendly reminder that:
- You are never to touch a lady without her permission
- Just because I am a woman does not mean I am passive
- Because I do not respond to your advances in a positive way does not mean I am a 'b***h' or an 'ice queen'. I just don't bother respond to males who clearly have a very limited view as to what a woman should 'be' like (because it's essential we must fit a
- When you put up creepy comments on social media, you, are actually the one that looks like a fool
- Just because a lady puts pride in her appearance, or is sexy, or is wearing sexy clothing does not give you permission to be a dick to her and treat her like an object
- You are just one, of many douche bags who think it is ok to treat women poorly or objectify them. Your actions do not make you original, funny or superior to any others. 
So that's all.
I hope this gives you something to think about.