My Pole Journey...... with a message

So I thought it was about time I started a blog... especially considering it's part of the package I have with Shopify haha. 

So I've racked my brain as to what to write..... what I need to say..... what products do I need to promote??!!

Well. I came to the conclusion I want this first entry to have some kind of message as opposed to shameless promotion of my (soon to be up and running) classes, workshops and apparel.

So.... here goes my loose message.... you may get lost along the way....

I started Pole Dancing many moons ago, I'm actually a little unsure of when I started. But working through calculations (and working through old Facebook photos - gotta love FB for recording those timelines!), so I would have taken my first class in 2007, and stayed for about 6 months. Then I started again sometime in 2008 dabbling with a couple of different schools, not really getting back into it until I found my home for the next 6 years in 2009 at Bottoms Up Burlesque & Pole in Melbourne.

Joining the Bottoms Up! community was when I finally found a home and pole family, where I really began to develop my strength and somewhat my own style. I was never interested in competing or performing, I was always happy dancing just for me. Just so  I had fun. So I felt good. To take away the days stressors. To hang with incredible people, whom some are friends for life. It's amazing being part of a niche community whom are so accepting of all walks of life, of all body types, all dance abilities. A dance teacher who not only teaches you kick-ass s**t but becomes an amazing friend. To me, in Melbourne, this is was what Pole Dancing was. Being part of an inclusive community who also pushed the boundaries of the status quo. I learnt to love my body more than I had ever cared to before. Not just because (yes), I got fitter, but because every body type became so normalised that seeing a naked or near naked body just didn't register anymore - I became more impressed by what the human body can do. Of course I'd hate it when I was feeling 'dumpy' or lost muscle tone, when you feel like this your strength tends to dissipate and your body isn't where you want it. Don't get me wrong - looking nice in my jeans is still something I like - but the focus I have on this is far less than in the days when to look nice in jeans, it was easier just to not eat as opposed to being strong and healthy.

What I see as an ideal body type, again is so different from being a teen or in my early-mid 20's. I'm not a 6ft model, and I've never been naturally skinny as an adult (except for that time in my life when I had my first bout of major depression/anxiety/panic attacks - something I will share in more detail another day!), but in my younger days I wanted to be those things. As I danced more I became so much happier with what I've been blessed with, to the point of me now being proud of what I have further developed. 

On moving to NZ in 2015, my journey took a different route, where I decided I needed to compete/perform in order to challenge myself. And so it began..... my first solo-performance at Carnaval de La Noche for Halloween 2015 was full of anxiety and fear, but I loved it. Since then I haven't looked back, competing in Pole Legends 2015 and 2016, MPQNZ 2016 (I am competing again this year on April 29th), and Pole Stars 2016. I also found a home at Pole Revolutionz and Altitude Auckland, where I was also lucky enough to teach. I also found a new, non- judgmental pole family here in NZ through the studios and competitions. A community, where, for the most part, people want others to do well. A community where studio owners collaborate, celebrate and support. 

I am on a Pole hiatus at the moment (forced, definitely not by choice!), but even so, the pole community is still supportive of me and this new adventure with Pole Away. 

So in conclusion (better get there cos this blog is looking super long - sorry!), I would like to highlight what the message is here. 

Pole dance gives you bloody wings. It can help with fitness regime, body confidence, personal confidence and overall satisfaction in life. For some people, they can follow their passion and make a life from pole dancing. Where they don't have to do something that would be, mundane, to them, everyday. For others, it adds extra fun to a day, others it relieves what can be a mundane day. Every pole dancer has a pole journey. Mine is not much different from the rest. But I'd like to acknowledge my gratitude to pole dance and the people in the community for making my life so much better in EVERY way. 

One last thing:

Remember always to be kind. To be gracious. To be happy for others in their success, but also remember to celebrate your successes and don't be afraid to. This is what our community is great at. Let's keep doing it. 


Peace. Love. Happiness