Ladies. Let's chat. Let's support each other.

Who runs the world? 

That's right. GIRLS. Well. actually it's a combination of ALL genders. But us ladies are are part of the huge cog which makes the world work. We've worked so hard to get some of the recognition we deserve for playing such a pivotal role. 

When I think of women doing it for themselves. I am immensely proud. This comes from recently taking my own step forward into the world of working for myself, not having an income, but setting myself up long-term for the future and carving out a something I am proud of. No longer do I want to be obligated to someone else's want and needs. Rather, working MOST days on things I genuinely enjoy. 

Today's thoughts come from recent events of setting up a tight circle of girls who get together and just talk about direction, accountability, concepts, wins and losses. I also met a lovely lady recently who wants to take the jump but is trying to figure it all out.  

No longer do I long for the big salary, the travel and perks. 

What is now important to me (although of course making money is super important as I need to pay bills and have a mortgage), is flexibility and control over what I do. I am the Key Decision maker. As much as that can be a scary thought, as I am completely responsible for everything, now that I am 12 weeks into this journey it's really not as scary as I thought it would be. I am not making money at the moment, but with what I have set-up, I have no doubt it will come. 

I am so busy, far more busy than ever before, especially considering I have set up 2 businesses within quick succession of each other. However, when I'm answering emails at 6am and still plugging away at 11pm I tend to find I'm really not bothered as I'm creating my own empire. 

I'm also excited about eventually hiring staff and providing an environment for where they are nurtured, looked after, and have flexibility. There is a major trend these days whereby women (and men), would rather take flexibility in hours and work location as opposed to a pay rise.

As someone who has been entirely focused on salary in the past as a measure of success to myself, I find it interesting in how I've come full circle. In no way am I saying that what I now do and what I focus is so much better than others whom are driven by corporate life, salaries, perks etc. All those factors are incredibly motivating, and I am BIG believer in providing motivation in work environments as opposed to a pure expectation that the work will simply get done because you get paid a salary. I've just changed my direction in life, and for me, enjoyment in what I do outweighs the rest (within reason). 

The big question is HOW. 

Quite simply, if you want something, you can find a way to do it.  It won't be easy for most, it would be foolish to think so. However, whether it being working another job whilst working on your own project on the side until you build enough business, or in my case, selling a house and being able to use some capital from that investment to then invest in your new adventure. All of the options come with risk, no doubt. But if you are serious about making something work, you'll make it work. You'll make mistakes along the way, potentially lose a little money, but eventually after a couple of years you should start making it back. I'm terrified often, when I look at my bank account. But again, I have so many events set up for the rest of the year that this will start to change and change quite quickly. 

Reflecting on these thoughts, all I would like to say is that there is nothing greater than women supporting women. Motivating each other, checking in on each other, keeping it real with each other. You, also, are fully capable of creating a life and world that provides enlightenment and inspiration everyday, but you do have to work bloody hard for it. You don't just get to start working in a field you love and sit back and watch things come to you. You HAVE to work for EVERY penny. You are maker of your own destiny, no-one else can do this for you. But without my peers (and I must my amazing husband), honestly, I don't think I would remain as positive and as I do - as I feed off others support and positivity.

As per usual, I understand none of my thoughts are original or new,but I love to put my thoughts to paper as it really helps solidify my thoughts for myself. In turn, I hope maybe I motivate others to believe in themselves and realise their dreams are not as far away from reality as to what they really are.