Cece's signature style is focused on dynamic moves, drops and fast spins. Cece enjoys all styles of pole, with contemporary/lyrical being most natural to her. 

Workshops available:

Drops 101

Learning drops can be an intimidating thing! 101 starts with the most basic drops so we can start building confidence and skill. 

Levels Intermediate & up. Must be able to invert (preferably aerial invert), and do a full pole climb.

1.5 hours.

Keep It Low & Flow

This workshop is all about creating movement and keeping it moving. Interesting transitions & quirky shapes make the basis of this class. Some of this class will be around the bottom half of the pole, and some will be floorwork.


Open level, however some strength is required. Most moves can be modified to suit different levels. Kneepads required.

1.5 hours. 

Bangin' Heels

Heels and sexy flow use to be something Cece use to be terrified of! However, these days Cece loves an excuse to strap on a pair of shoes and attempt to make her legs look super-long!! Fun choreography piece incorporating a little heel bangin' and sexy flow. 

Open Level.

1.5 hours. 

Signature Tricks

A selection of Cece's favourite tricks, drops and tumbles. 

Studios are welcome to provide specific requests, or Cece will set the curriculum from her selection. 

High Intermediate level & up. Must be able to aerial invert, handspring, shoulder mount.

1.5 hours.


All workshops are $50 per person each. 

Workshops can be worked in with Polewear Parties. Email Cece on for more information and/or visit the Polewear Party section: